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Vol. 8, December 13th

Apparently, John Kennedy Jr. is still alive? New reporting from a source called "Q". Could it bear fruit?

I was recently briefed on a fanfic project that may be making its way to Digital Future Mag dot com soon. Fanfic is a lost art and I’m more than happy to publish it because it’s a subculture of a subculture thus meaning I back it 100%. Do you write or edit fanfic that you’d like published? Bang our line.

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

Culture Corner

Earth Crisis live in 1996 yt Live at the New Britain Sports Palace in Connecticut, October 1996.

The oral history of Limewire mel What comes to mind first? For me, it’s: ‘Dem.Franchise.Boyz (3)White-tee[legit].wav’. Apparently, LimeWire got sued for $75 TRILLION dollars. That’s a lot of cheddar.

‘Whatever Happened to Democore?’ available now ig From the mastermind, Jalen Jenkins. I bought my copy on Friday but you should DM and see if there are any left because I’m sure this will be one of the best zines of 2020.

Two fake states want to join Texas’ Supreme Court case to flip election results db Would you rather move to ‘New Nevada’ or ‘New California’ first? I think both would be insufferable for obvious reasons. Imagine all the middle-land-California-chads with a little bit of big tech sprinkled in. My own personal hell.

Zodiac ‘340’ cipher cracked after 51 years sfc This is actually insane news even though the cipher is kind of redundant information.

Do you miss talking about hardcore? Sign up for ‘The Intro Mosh’ tim Mostly European folk but it’s still a grand time nonetheless. Looks like the admins are trying to bring in new faces so sign up and come chat.

He impersonated a fake family member of Trump, and he fell for it nyt Are we surprised?

The 8th anniversary of the stylish Ikea monkey twitter Pay your respects.

Teenage Fanclub interviewed clash A wonderful and insightful look into old rockers and how they feel when it comes to producing a record.

* * *

Introducing - Nick Acosta of New Morality Zine

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Nick runs an excellent operation over at New Morality Zine. He is consistently pushing out good music from new artists and I’m excited to see what he has in store for when quarantine is lifted and that sweet, sweet vaccine is administered. It’s always surprising to see what people do as their main gig but from what I’ve collected Nick is a teacher which is beyond incredible. Finding the time to push out content, get records pressed, and keep his site updated in his free time is an accomplishment of its own. Please give New Mortality Zine a follow and go check out their catalog.

Show us the most organized area of your home...

I tend to be a fairly organized person, but one of the spaces in my life that have recently been important to keep organized is my "classroom office". As a teacher this year I have been working remotely from home. When we were in the building I was kind of known as being the teacher/classroom that always had a very specific place for all my materials, I'd get on kids' cases if they left the tissue box somewhere random, glad smelly plugins, the whole thing. So this year I've tried to keep my home workspace pretty neat and sparse so I don't get overwhelmed. Keep the essentials on here. It also reflects a lot about how I've approached teaching this year -- valuing minimalism, depth over breadth, etc. The only thing missing from this picture is the coffee cup that is filled constantly while at home.

Show us a movie you own...

Coincidentally I not only just watched TMNT with my 5-year-old last weekend for the first time but dug some of these DVDs out of storage so I figured this would be a good representation. Do people still fuck with DVDs often?!?!

Show us the room you’ve spent the most time in this summer…

As corny as it is, this NMZ HQ (laundry room) easily became the room I spent the most time in this summer. We moved from the city to the burbs in May and one of the things on my lists was the new spot had to have some room for NMZ stuff. Lucked out perfectly and have loved being able to have my own set up to be at peace with packing orders while listening to records down here. Sure beats driving to storage 2 times a week to pack orders or get materials. I am a person who vibes off of setting, so to be able to have this house all things NMZ has been important for me. Also, honestly, one of the reasons I've been able to do more stuff is I have the physical and mental space to do it now.

Show us the oldest t-shirt you own…

I'm pretty bad at the vintage shirt game, but this is what I was told is an older BURN shirt. Whether or not it actually is it comes with a story. When I first started the zine a dude hit me up and followed me on IG. He would hit me every now and then and ask questions or we'd chat. Was a really nice dude. Then one day he said he wanted to send me something he had for a while and thought I'd dig it. So this BURN shirt came in the mail and he said he wanted me to have it. Not long after he sent it, maybe a year later, he had passed away. I never really found out what happened but a family member logged into his account and was able to post a notice. So whether it’s old or not, not entirely sure but it holds a place in my head of how sick connecting through hardcore can be.

Editor’s note: It’s hard to date without a tag but from the stitching, I can tell it’s either a boot or a reprint from their most recent 2016 tour maybe? I received a similar version on that tour when they stopped in Arizona but I can’t remember who else they played with.

Show us your most worn shorts or pants of quarantine…

Once quarantine started I got these like workout shorts (with no real intention of working out) but having something kind of light to be around all day. I wore these so much I ordered like 3 pairs in different colors and still wear them today. For the first time in years, I don't technically have a work "dress code" since I'm teaching from home so I'll rock these shorts with like a Ben Sherman button-down or a T-shirt cus all you can see is from the chest down. Super comfy.

* * *

That’s it for this week! Please leave recommendations for guests you’d like to see next week in the comment section. Peace and love.

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