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Vol. 7, December 5th

Does anyone know if we have to bring our backpacks tomorrow? How times have changed.

Is elementary school nostalgia a thing anyone else experiences? I think for me its less so wanting to go back to primary school but yearning to go back to simpler times. Now i’m in my mid 20s and life is getting more complicated with late night anxieties about getting bills paid, existentialism, and if I’m striving hard enough to accomplish everything I want, who can relate?

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * * Culture Corner Stage diving with Gus Straight Edge doublecrosszine My favorite quote comes when Gus is talking about stage diving during pre-Low Self Opinion Rollins Band at CBGBs during a time when stage diving wasn’t in Vogue. “Local hero stage divers like me often had the audacity and sense of entitlement to do and dive pretty much as I wanted.” Legend.

Ned Russin shares his favorite hardcore shirts with Matt Schnipper gq This was brought to my attention on the Euro hardcore messageboard when the group was discussing the legitimacy of the existence of a blue Youth of Today tee and this was unearthed to back the existence of this colorway as legit and not the case of a white-shirt-dyed-blue. I love Matt Schnipper as well, one of my favorites. He has an excellent Substack newsletter that you can read here.

Mysterious monolith disappears from Utah desert npr A second one mysteriously shows up in Romania a day later and just yesterday there was a third one found in California. Luckily for the United States, 3 patriots tore it down and said: “‘Christ is king in this country. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space,’ a man in the video says. ‘So let’s tear this bitch down.’” via this Vice article. Incredible.

A new digital hardcore zine that you need to check out msz I recommend the Mastermind interview and the write up on Lockin’ Out.

How HBO’s ‘Real Sex’ docuseries was ahead of its time mel Everyone has the shared experience of having this bad boy on mute with your finger on the ‘last’ channel button of the remote just in case your mom or dad came into your room late at night.

Integrity - For Those Who Fear Tomorrow (live ‘95) yt Dwid doing the most with his vocal cadence here. I would very much like to see the footage of him shooting a pistol in the air during a set.

Joni Mitchell’s youthful artistry newyorker

No Echo launches a Patreon to support themselves patreon Great idea that I’ve also considered myself to help support the Digital Future writers but I don’t have the following No Echo does so the grind continues.

* * * Introducing - Marisa Silva

Hailing from New York City, Marisa is an extremely talented multidisciplinary artist. You can find her behind the lens working with the likes of Only NY where she has just finished a photo campaign and in her spare time, she has started commissioning 1 of 1 hand-made rugs. (We’re going to inquire about one soon for the Digital Future office) I’ve known Marisa for a few years and she is truly a delight. Please go drop her a follow on Instagram and commission a beautiful handmade item to transform your living space.

Show us your house shoes…

I have multiple pairs of slippers but my Kuromi slippers are my favorite! They've been through a lot but I love 'em.

Show us your most functional piece of furniture…

Definitely, this side table made by Depart Studio. It's been used as a record stand, a stool, and even a makeshift desk.

Show us your favorite kitchen appliance...

This electric kettle is the most used kitchen appliance in our home so I think that automatically qualifies it as a favorite!

Show us the most organized area of your home...

This one's a little unconventional but it's my favorite organized place in our home.

Show us your favorite purchase you still have since quarantine started…

My baby blue Fender Mustang, Mima. I've always wanted a baby blue electric guitar so during quarantine I decided to finally buy one.

Editor's note: The second guest to flex a guitar, is a pattern emerging?

* * *

That’s it for this week! Please leave recommendations for guests you’d like to see next week in the comment section. Peace and love.

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