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Vol. 5, November 22nd

The homies back to back

Taken White Male Read the intro it'll make sense...

Shannon and I spent 72 hours glued to our bed consuming as many ‘erotic thrillers’ as possible. After searching around the internet I came to find out that the genre really got started in the 90s and it seems like it also died in the 90s. (sad) It’s truly a genre that is so reflective of that decade as a whole. Please reference: Michael Douglas, blonde-haired women love interest, and houses that we all know writers and/or cops couldn’t afford. Also, why was Michael Douglas cast in so many of these steamy thrillers with a lack of sex appeal? I guess he’s kind of handsome but where are his lips? A lot of y’all on your single white female tip with how you swagger jack. (laughing/crying emoji)

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

Culture Corner

The Digital Future tote is now available bigcartel At the time this goes out there is only one left. We have one other small merch drops coming this year and maybe another one at the beginning of the year

Torquer Zine’s website just went live tz One of the best hardcore zines currently operating. Do yourself a favor and go to the films tab and watch the SMUT and Diztort sets. Trent in the bandana + Fresno State shirt; it’s a done deal. I’m sad to see the news about Chain Reaction. Keep real hardcore alive.

Six writers on the best soundtracks in film ssense Some great choices and some more movies to add to my watch list. Everyone needs to pay their respects to Sam Reiss, the legend.

A Euro hardcore message board is now accepting new members tim I was invited by Florida head Garrett Strobel and I’m not sure how many American coremen are on here but I think we may be the two of the handful. I can’t stress how much I love this concept and how interactive it is. Please sign up, unless you’re a loser.

A new app to rate and review records appstore This, along with the message board above, are the biggest vibes of quarantine. I absolutely adore reviewing and rating records. I have done it a lot through all of my printed media catalog. Please follow me @tyler.

Sade Saves: Liner notes from a lifelong soundtrack npr An absolutely amazing, and deeply personal, piece. Everyone has different relationships with music but there is more commonality than you expect.

Cazzie David’s Existential Dread newyorker A wonderful read. It’s also really short.

An old interview with Chris Wilson wordpress I found this while probing the internet to find and read a certain interview and it’s an excellent, and almost hidden, interview with someone who is beyond the realm of cool.

Unified Right covers Standing Hard 2 times, back to back yt 12/4/13 @ Casa Fiesta in D.C. Mic quality is very bad. They opened with Brain Mush, I haven't taken this stance yet publically but it’s probably my favorite UR song. Looks like they are in a house/living room and also looks like this was probably set up by Moshers Delight. Zack is upfront singing along. Very cool.

I messaged Zack (Zizzack) on Instagram for more info on the show and this is what he had to say: “This was the first show of the Intent, Unified Right, and New Brigade tour up to the Triple B fest (AHC) in Boston. UR played standing hard twice, back to back.”

* * *

Introducing - Mya Wood

Mya is a long-time friend and it was so nice to have her as a guest this week. A model, artist, and now zine maker; she’s a jack of all trades. Please give her Instagram a follow and stay tuned for her upcoming work. We will post about it when it goes live, obviously.

Photo by the very talented Daniel Primero

Show us a hobby you’ve picked up this year...

A hobby I picked up is zine making! I’m working on some more stuff soon but this has been one of the most relevant and fun hobbies I’ve picked up in a while.

Show us a movie you own…

My most favorite movies I own are on VHS. Two gems. Enough said.

Show us your most functional piece of furniture…

This is my dream yellow chair and not only is it a chair but it also doubles as a cat tree.

Editor's note: Guitar flex, might be a squire but still a classic.

Show us the most organized area of your home...

Shall I say more chaotically organized?

Show us your pets...

This one is Pookie. She is the main character in my movie of life. It’s Pookie’s world and we’re just living in it.

* * *

That’s it for this week! Please leave recommendations for guests you’d like to see next week in the comment section. Peace and love.

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