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Vol. 4, November 14th

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Should I be learning a Tik-Tok dance at 25? Hell no.

Do you think we should be using Twitter more? I’m stuck wanting it to be a serious platform for us but I also just want to shit post memes. Digital Future is a serious project but it isn’t hardline. I think you’d know that if you’ve listened to the podcast but I fear the genuine nature of our personalities (let’s be honest, we’re jokesters) makes us lose credibility. What do you think? Maybe I’m thinking too much.

All orders placed this weekend ship out Monday so place an order now to secure your Thin Lizzy stickers, issue 3 of Just Like Heaven, or Digital Future shirt! (smalls only) Visit our shop by clicking here.

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

Culture Corner

Mutual Aid Phoenix is out of supplies again ig There are several spots for you to drop items off. We’re making a grocery run this weekend and we encourage you to drop off what you can.

An Interview with MD of ‘yrstruly’ dfm This is a small interview I did with a new artist from South Carolina. Yrstruly or better known as MD also happens to be one of my favorite contemporary hardcore zine authors so it was a pleasure getting to catch up with them and learn more about them.

The Shape of Dance to Come: How Phoenix DJ Culture is Changing During the Pandemic dfm This was a good week for the site we had not one but two articles go live. Jordan Rowley caught up with the creative minds behind Recordbar Radio on how they came together and what’s in store for the Phoenix DJ scene. An excellent read.

Supreme sold to VF Corp for 2.1 billion dollars bloomberg Don’t think Supreme will be going to Zumiez anytime soon but I’m still interested to see how this changes anything about the brand.

McDonald’s unveils meatless option: McPlant wsj More like McPander. Amirite?

‘The Undoing’ is Empty Life-Style Porn newyorker I started watching a new HBO show starring Nicole Kidman and my favorite New Yorker staff writer wrote about it. I love erotic thrillers, Nicole Kidman, and Naomi Fry.

TikTok says the Trump administration has forgotten about trying to ban it, would like to know what’s up verge I’m personally relieved that Tik Tok isn’t banned because it just provided us with the best oven baked chicken wing recipe. 45 please don’t take it away.

Crafting the 2020 Election’s Most Anticipated Headline nymag Bossip and its staff are truly unmatched.

Crank Call Fanzine issue 1 archive A zine like this could NEVER exist in 2020. No one likes to talk shit anymore.

The worst hoodie ever made twitter If I had to see it, so do you.

* * *

Introducing - Marsh Delcid

We thought by the third guest we’d have a name for this segment but we don’t surprise surprise. Marsh is a dear friend first and one of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They just started a new passion project making handmade garments and I recently got back a commissioned pair of wool trouser pants. I urge you to see what they have for sale or commission something yourself! You can find all of Marsh’s work over at Pantano Clothing.

Show us your workspace…

I originally started sewing in a small cramped corner of my room. (I looked like Smeagol hunched over sewing...very dark) Slowly but surely it started to expand. Friends gifted me furniture, machines, fabric, mannequin forms, and more. I found things at thrift stores and bought what I could when I had the money. I started doing this with literally no money and just came upon things through luck and kindness. Everything has its place, but I can get messy when I get into a groove.

Show us your most favorite piece of clothing…

Picking a favorite piece of clothing is HARD for me. I love clothes probably a little too much. This a vintage shirt from Elton John’s Hollywood Bowl performance during his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour in 1973. Okay, I like Elton John but he is not one of my top 3 artists or anything like that. I love this shirt because 1. The way it fits and 2. I basically forced my brother’s fiancé, Sydney, to sell it to me. (for good reason) When I wear it I feel happy, and I feel like I live in the 70s for a moment.

Show us something you love…

If you know me there are two things you know I love most in this world: Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Truly though no one can beat Lady Gaga for me. I’ve been to every concert she’s had in Arizona, and I’ve driven to Vegas to see her play. I remember seeing her for the first time and being in that room with everyone crying. In a time when I was figuring things out for myself and was unsure of who I was, she made me feel powerful and even loved. Not only is she a musician, actress, activist, fashion god, philanthropist, makeup mogul, but she’s also a connection for anyone who wants to be who they are. I could write an eight-page paper (with sources) on why I love Lady Gaga but I digress. If you ever get the chance to see Lady Gaga live, take it.

Show us your largest house plant…

My favorite house plant! This plant was from a friend and I brought it back to life. It was leafless with only the stems remaining intact (first picture, top left). I’m really not that knowledgeable when it comes to plants, but I’ve always had an affinity for growing them. It took a long while for it to come back to life, but all it needed was a little patience and care.

Show us The Stoop!

The Stoop! There’s a lot of memories here! I don’t spend much time here now, but when I smoked I could be found there at any point of the day. If it’s a drinking night we’ll be here with a tiny but powerful UE boom speaker playing Lil uzi vert or Usher. If you stay late enough, you’ll hear Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, or the Spice Girls. Chances are if you’re one of our friends, you’ve had the pleasure of drinking a beer (or White Claw) on The Stoop.

* * *

That’s it for this week! Please leave recommendations for guests you’d like to see next week in the comment section. Peace and love.

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