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Vol 3, November 7th

We found our groove.

Front Salad... Back Salad... Front Blunt Basically, I got two minutes of footy but I'm not using any of it.

This felt like the longest week of my life, for obvious reasons. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will lead the free world until 2024 starting January 20th but the hard work is not over. Take time to rest because voting is only 25% of the battle. On Inauguration Day our hard work continues to change the United States to be more equitable and just for all its citizens.

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

Culture Corner

The Digital Future Podcast Ep. 4 with Steph Zamora anchor Episode 4 was with a Digital Future contributor, human rights advocate, and best friend: Steph Zamora. We started off with a good conversation about celebrity culture and the decline of said topic and then ranted on current events. We took a break (?) and met back up to go through our lists titled ‘our favorite Chris’ of Hollywood’. Fuck you, Chris Pratt.

A Home for Transitional LGBTQ Youth Will be Named After Power Trip's Riley Gale dallasobserver An absolute tearjerker. Riley’s legacy will continue to live on and impact the generations to come.

$70 for a complete PC zdnet Do you need a desktop but don’t have a lot of money? Here ya’ go.

Russian Narratives on Election Fraud eiptnrship Russian-linked disinformation ops getting single digit engagement, lol.

The Case Against Kids newyorker There’s an old Jewish saying: “Life is so terrible, it would have been better not to have been born. Who is so lucky? Not one in a hundred thousand.” In this article, you learn of the author who came up with the concept of “pulling out”.

How To Make A Good Infographic googledoc

The 20 Best Rock Songs Right Now fader Only being linked due to Chubby and The Gang visibility. The best rock band of our time.

* * *

Introducing - Freddy Torres of Salad New York

Still no segment name but we’re back and this time with a new guest and a few different categories. Hailing from Brooklyn and a member of one of my favorite contemporary bands; I couldn’t imagine inviting someone as talented and cool as Freddy Torres. I would give Freddy the moniker ‘your favorite artist’s favorite artist’ due to the work he’s done for your favorite bands and Freddy even used his DSLR (I’m assuming based on the quality) for these pictures which means I don’t think the quality will get any better after this issue, have we peaked already? Strap in for quarantine questions… (Sorry)

Show us the room you’ve spent the most time in this summer…

My studio would have to be the room I’ve spent most of my time this summer. With everything that’s been going on in the world, I couldn’t be more blessed to have a space like this where I can escape, work, be creative, and isolate myself. Truly grateful.

Show us the oldest t-shirt you own…

This might not be the sickest shirt I own, but it’s the oldest (and still a sick shirt, just not the sickest) lol. This is my 1988 Over Kill - Under The Influence Tour shirt. I just love how worn and distressed the shirt is. Plus, the graphic and layout are so sick! I pick this up from one of my best mates Bryan, who runs Union 45 Vintage in Houston, Texas. If I recall, the story he told me about this shirt was: someone was just throwing it away in the trash and he picked it up! Crazy! What a steal, I say.

Show us your most essential kitchen appliance…

For me, the coffee maker is definitely the most essential appliance in my kitchen. Nothing like a nice cup of café con Leche to wake your ass up!

Show us your most worn shorts or pants of quarantine…

The most worn shorts or pants during quarantine have to be my Levi’s 560, which I call my painting pants. I really like the way they’re worn in and feel. Definitely have a love/hate relationship with this pair but they have been my go-to at the moment.

Show us your best or favorite purchase you still have since quarantine started…

Well, I didn’t really buy anything when this whole quarantine started. Last month, I did pick up this Miles Davis Quintet Round About Midnight and Everything But The Girl self-titled tapes, which I was beyond stoked about! These are two albums I’ve listened to countless times. It’s rare when I do find tapes like these. The Miles tape I got upstate New York in Beacon, and EBTG I got in Summit, New Jersey—two of my favorite places to go on the East Coast.

* * *

That’s it for this week! We will be back next week with another guest, and more links. Please comment on this post on what categories we should do with our next guest.

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