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Vol. 28, November 17th

Rest in peace Young Dolph 🐬

One would be led to believe that after almost two years of death that receiving the news of another would be any less painful than the last, but it isn't. Young Dolph was indeed an inspiring figure, and his passing will leave a massive hole in the fabric of modern rap and hip-hop. Fans took to Twitter to remind everyone of his effortless humor. It was comforting reading everyone’s personal stories and rereading his viral posts. The most exciting thing I learned about him was that he owns all the masters of his music, which isn’t typical but so admirable. I hope when my time comes that I too will be able to pass my work onto my family beholden to no other person or company. Young Dolph’s legacy will live on through his talent, activism, and humor.

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* * *

Culture Corner

Give Young Dolph His Flowers While He Can Still Smell Them (2017) ps A great read from 2017 that I recommend.

David Hockney is Sick of Wellness Culture and Still Loves Cigarettes observer The King!

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers: A Conversation with Chris Black yt This record is pretty good and the conversation is even better.

Letter from a Region in My Mind newyorker A James Baldwin piece from 1962.

$750 Million Dollar Astroworld lawsuit vulture

* * *

Review Section

Titane dir. Julia Ducournau

There isn’t anything I love more than a hunt, which is exactly what Shannon and I had to do to find a theatre that was showing this. Luckily for us, we ended up at the very chic Film Bar down the street from our house.

I don’t pride myself on being a cinephile so I’m very indifferent to the art of filmmaking but I still try to avoid reading any reviews on what we see beforehand which is excellent at managing my own expectations and leaves room for me to genuinely view and critique what I’m consuming. In this case, it worked out in my favor.

Titane is a French body horror that truly left me speechless and at one point on the edge of passing out.

I don’t want to spoil any of it for you guys because I implore you to see it yourself so I will keep it brief. The film follows a young woman who, after a tragic car accident with her father, has a titanium plate put in her head, which leads to a sexual proclivity towards cars and violence.


Caroline Polachek at The Van Buren

I’m absolutely infatuated with Carlone’s music all thanks to Shannon so I was very excited when she bought us tickets the day they went on sale.

We arrived at the venue about 30 minutes after doors and it’s the first time in 7 months that I’ve had to show proof of vaccination. Apparently, Shannon and our friend Stephanie have had run-ins with the security and their bag policy as they have strict, zero-tolerance size requirements which almost resulted in the trashing of a brand new mini Telfar but not after Shannon deployed her charm.

We promptly got in line on the patio for a drink and a slice of pizza, which was very necessary and after about an hour of drinking, telling stories, and eating we decided to move into the venue as the opening act just finished.

The show started and Caroline was captivating and especially dramatic during her opening song. Once the first melody came to an end and after much applause, Caroline noted that she may have not anticipated the rivaling 100 Gecs show only 10 miles away by saying, “choices were made but we have songs to play.” I will note that the turnout may have been a little light.

The night progressed and Caroline was amazing and I really enjoyed myself. If you’re able to see her perform, I suggest it!

* * *

Tweet of the Week

*For context: This tweet was humorous to me because Chris was getting eaten alive by Bruno Mars stans which we both acknowledged (and were promptly corrected) that we didn’t know the existence of*

* * *

Here are some things I'm watching on eBay

If you have any magazines you'd like to sell, I'm buyin’. I'm specifically interested in anything printed before the 90s. Send me an email or DM me on Instagram.

Rolling Stone #155 Feather and Loathing at the Super Bowl by Hunter S. Thompson.

Buffalo Zine Issue 9

Sister Sister by Liv Liberg

* * *

That’s it for this week! Peace and love.

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