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Vol. 2, November 1st

*This is the first issue with our micro 'show n tell' with a guest, we'll call this volume 2*

My life like a sandwich... No matter which way you flip it... the bread comes first

Daylight Savings is beyond pointless and my thoughts on the subject are well documented in print. Happy DST to everyone who gained an hour. Shout out to all the Coordinated Universal Time -7 thots who never have to deal with the changing of a clock hand (Digital Future are UTC-7 thots).

Episode 4 of the Digital Future Podcast should be out before the election and there will be more exciting Digital Future news in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

Culture Corner

Floorpunch - Division One Champs 7” on Gold wewillburyyou I’ve had this article saved in my notes for months and I love to revisit it ever so often. It only takes 60 seconds or so to read but it’s full of good lore and an interesting comment section. I’m a sucker for hyper-niche hardcore lore and record talk.

Inside Nobel Prize-Winning Author Toni Morrison’s Lower Manhattan Loft dirt

Did Ya Kiss This "Daddy" The Way You Kiss The Other One? Young MAGA Millionaire Lil Wayne Proudly Posts Sycophantic Snapshot Smooching Donald Trump's Burnt Sienna Backside bossip Why do all our heroes turn to villains?

Revelation Records announced they will be reissuing the Turning Point discography as individual releases ig This doesn't come as a large surprise due to the resurgence of Turning Point love but I’m very glad that they are doing this. Turning Point is one of my favorite bands in the hardcore genre but I probably won’t be purchasing any merch but I may buy the vinyl.

Virtual Influencers Make More Money Than Ever bloomberg I’ve been team lil' Miquela since day one, and I was at one point widely recognized as a lil’ Miquela stan.

The Solace of My Suit Closet gq A heartbreaking story of Mr. Antrim’s relationship with their mother and how it manifested into their clothing choices. Deeply personal but an interesting read nonetheless.

It's Been 34 Years Since the Infamous ‘NYHC Episode’ of Donahue noecho So many distinct personalities in one place at the same time, it’s quite incredible. You can scan the front row and find a familiar face at any given time. Shout out to J.J. for wearing that stupid shell necklace, but low-key I would have worn one too in the late 80s.

New York Magazine ‘Hard-Core Kids’ From May 26, 1986 nymag

The Best Gossip Site Is a Private Instagram Account nymag I started following the account mentioned recently and if you’re anything like me (a glutton for gossip) this is a MUST follow for celebrity news. I love how it intersects all my favorite actors, musicians, and low-brow reality television/Bravo stars.

* * *

We’re starting a new segment for this issue and we hope to make it happen every issue after. Every week I’m going to present 5 categories to a new guest and they’re going to provide pictures and captions of items that best represent that category and maybe provide some intel on the item if they feel so inclined. It doesn’t bear a name yet but please sound off in the comments if you have any suggestions and also tell us who you’d like to see next!

Give a warm welcome to our first guest: Jeremy Stith

Show us the oldest record you own…

I took this as the first one I bought and not the oldest in age. I had just gotten into (real) hardcore around the time GB had their reunion in 06. I remember my friends all being pumped to see them at Chain Reaction but I didn’t know much about them more than them being a band whose merch was on The show sold out before I could get a ticket so when the show finally happened, all my friends were jacked up and pumped talking about it. My friend Riley had that sick huge gorilla print black shirt and wore it all week. A little after that missed gig, I ended up going to a show at Chain (Motion City Soundtrack, no shame still) and I had extra time before the show, so I went next door which at the time was a record store that chain co-owned (or something along those lines). I didn’t own a record player, but my friends got me so intrigued by GB that I bought Start Today and held onto it for the whole gig that night. The next day I left it in my mom’s car and it did what I should’ve expected but didn’t due to ignorance, it warped. It’s still warped and Start Today is still one of my favorite albums of all time, any genre.

Show us your most functional piece of furniture…

My most functional piece of furniture really serves only two functions. Sitting and being a place to put my backpack and jacket when I come home from work. It is my partner Sam’s heirloom from her grandma and she recently upholstered it to give it the charming look we see here today. I love this chair.

Show us your house shoes… or house socks

Now as for house shoes, I wear none. I regret ever wearing shoes inside any home but it happens. What can you do?

Editor's note: The picture below was just TOO spicy for the public so we took the liberty to censor it. If you’d like to see the uncensored photo please send us $2 through the USPS certified mail and we will kindly return a printed copy. Revenue will be split 50/50 by Jeremy and Digital Future.

Show us your largest house plant...

For the largest house plant, I’ll go with the only plant that’s mine. I can’t remember the name but I’ve seen this in countless movies, in offices, or in 80s Art Deco homes. I saw it in Sex, Lies, and Videotape and wanted one ever since. My roommate Andy works at a plant store so our house is filled with plants, but this one is my baby.

Show us your favorite kitchen appliance...

My favorite kitchen item is this Dutch oven I got a few months ago. It is magical and has made many a soup and stew and bread and is great for boiling any items. Would recommend.

* * *

A very big thank you to Jeremy for being our first guest! Please give him a follow.

That’s it for this week! We will be back next week with another guest, more links, and hopefully a new president. Please comment on this post on what categories we should do with our next guest.

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