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Vol. 18, July 4th

Yea... Yea... 4th of July Ceremony 'burn this flag' shirt we all know

The 4th of July is played out. In my opinion, patriotism (in the sense of nationalism) is so corny and pathetic.

Digital Future updates are as follows, new merchandise coming soon and we will be releasing our first book of poetry as Digital Future Publishing. It comes as no surprise but if you'd like to collaborate on printed media please email us, I want to publish a few projects before the year ends, especially an essay collection. I will spend my day eating food and listening to Pop Smoke.

We're still looking for contributors so please get in touch with us if you'd like to pitch us an idea!


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Culture Corner

The True American Patriots Are The Anti-Imperialists thenation

Watch This Never-Aired ABC Television Profile of James Baldwin lithub

Shiva Baby Is About 'How Being A Young Woman Is A Horror Movie' dazed

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Here are some things I'm watching on eBay

New York Living Rooms by Dominque Nabokov

Oasis 'Roll With It' 7"

LOOKOUT! Fanzine #25

If you have any magazines you'd like to sell, I'm buying. I'm specifically interested in anything printed before the 90s. Send me an email or message me on Instagram.

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