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Vol. 13, February 20th

This one is for all the gamers

Rise up

I finally gassed all motivation to keep this going so I had to take some time off. We’re in the middle of revamping the site so I decided to take some time to rest my brain while we’re in a digital lull. Please go support any of the organizations or individuals helping Texas in their time of need using the first link below. We can talk about how this is an extreme level of gross incompetence at the hand of the state and capitalism on another day.

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

Culture Corner

A Google doc with resources for assisting Texans in need doc

Our interview with L’Amour Supreme for Timeless is live atl This is a fun opportunity we get from time to time to sit down with different artists and creatives to talk about their collaboration with Timeless and whatever else comes up. For this particular interview, we talked about growing up in NYC in the 80s which lead to some great connections. L’Amour reminiscences about seeing Bad Brains at CBGBs and living with Richie Underdog. It’s a great interview so I urge you to read it. I didn’t realize he had a Pushead connection so I never asked.

I’ve been streaming consistently on twitch for the past two weeks ttv I’m usually playing FPS games but I’m trying to culminate a space for music, games, and interaction. If you’re into that kinda thing drop me a follow. I recently became a Twitch Affiliate which allows me to accept subscriptions and other things. Jeff Bezo’s is technically my boss now so if you have an Amazon Prime account you can link it with Twitch and give a free subscription every month to your favorite streamer. (me)

The best zine title I’ve come across in a long time ebay Possessed Fanzine is a bi-monthly zine out of Southern California that is oozing everything I love like pop culture commentary, communist politics, a lot of hating, and sometimes hardcore. Go pick up the most recent issue and follow their Instagram.

New Music Block

Gil Sayfan & Branden Stepp - Double Exposure bc

Skin Ticket - Homicidal Ideations bc

Hubble - Seed sc

* * *

I received one of the coolest packages of all time from Garret Strobel of Florida this week. (Do more of this please)

* * *

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