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Vol. 11, January 16th

How many books do you think I'll read this year?

Hopefully more than 2

This week has been different and I’m not sure why. My work weeks tend to blend together in a culmination that of a fever dream but this one hasn't felt that way. Is anyone else experiencing that this week? Shannon and I watched Election (1999) last night and my only takeaway is if Perrotta’s novel is anything near the same as the film, how the fuck did that happen?

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* * *

Culture Corner: Remix We’re doing new music this week with some lite-reading.

Leaving Time - Self Titled bc Released earlier this week via Tiger Records, Leaving Time is a newly formed band from Jacksonville, Florida. I hate the term dream pop so I will say this is atmospheric droney guitar music. Very moody. I liked this release a lot and excited to see what they release in the future.

Kontaminate - Blood Hunger bc A new release from 11 pm Records, Kontaminate consists of members from bands you’ve definitely heard or at least know, and I think 11 pm is doing a great job of rounding out their roster with great bands and great releases. If you like full-throttle-d-beat with reverbed vocals you’ll like this.

Young Lordz - California spotify The events that lead to the formation of the global act known as ‘Young Lordz’ is as mysterious as the origin of the name. This 5 track EP is reminiscent of a sound you should know and love but it’s every bit new and refreshing. I see this just as much as an auditory love letter to California just as Joan Didion’s writing is. I recommend this for morning time activities.

Prom King - NOBODY FOR NOW sc This was brought to my attention via a friend and described as ‘bedroom pop’. This isn’t a style or genre of music in which I particularly like or seek out myself but I know others would be very fond of it. Plus the artist is from Surprise, Arizona which is a literal creative purgatory so any additional eyeballs and ears I can put on something relatively cool, I will. If you like Phoebe Bridgers you’ll love this.

Gatecreeper - An Unexpected Reality bc I’ve been looking forward to a new release from Gatecreeper since their last and I have mixed feelings. I almost turned it off two songs in but the middle section of the record really carried the record. The most redeeming quality was the fact every song was only 1 minute long so skipping songs seemed useless. I did really like the fact they had 7 short songs and 1 really long song, but I will need to sit with the material a little while longer before I can offer actual critiques but my main criticism is I think the record should be remixed.

Sex and The City revival must address cutting Samantha variety I’m not in the minority having criticism against this ‘reboot’ because Samantha was my favorite character in the series and single-handily carried the show on her back. I’m foaming at the mouth to watch what they came up with and I’m ready for a dumpster fire.

Marxism Versus Liberalism marxistsdotorg A conversation between author H.G. Wells of The United States and the leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin. It’s an interesting conversation about economic theory and class. My introduction to any text of the sort and I see myself reading more into Marxist–Leninist ideas and theory. Just recently picked up Marxist-Leninist Literature in Yugoslavia circa 1945-1959. Excited to read about the country my family is from and the economic class.

* * *

Introducing - Zahra Another photographer based out of Brooklyn. (Noticing a trend? Digital Future may be a Brooklyn based operation in about 600 days) They work in a style that I describe as honest and sincere by using simple shots that can serve as a glimpse into their day-to-day life. A style of minimal photography that I love so much because if utilized well it looks so effortless but if it falls into the wrong hands it’s an utter catastrophe.

The agonizing boredom of summer in quarantine drove me to buy a Pentax k1000 on eBay and finally learn film photography, something I kept putting off for years. It was my first time picking up a film camera, and my first developed roll, which came out entirely blurry, immediately proved that. After asking friends on Twitter for tips to improve, I gave it another shot. These photos were taken on expired film around my neighborhood in Brooklyn over summer 2020. Spaces that were normally teeming with life were eerily quiet, empty, and a reflection of the rippling effect COVID-19 had across the world.

As a life-long commuter, maybe the weirdest change quarantine introduced to my life was no longer killing time in a dark, crumbling subway platform every day. This photo was taken as I waited for the 2 train for the first time in months, which was late as always.

The only real "attraction" I've visited during COVID-19 is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which is mostly outdoor and thus free from the woes of ventilation needs and max occupancy. I don't know the couple in this photo (who kinda look like a contemporary John Lennon and Yoko Ono from the back, in retrospect) but I liked how the Rose Garden arches framed them.

Please follow Zahra’s photography Instagram here

* * *

That’s it for this week! Please leave recommendations for guests you’d like to see next week in the comment section. Peace and love.

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