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Playlist Series Vol. 3

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Music for falling in and out of love

Welcome back! Digital Future enjoyed a holiday hiatus, by which I mean Shannon and I spent some much-needed time lounging around the house and watching lowbrow reality TC and B to C-List erotic thrillers from the ’90s. Since the last posting, we’ve yet to accomplish much but we did upgrade our internet plan. How are you doing?

If you’d like to contribute a playlist please fill out this >> form << and we will reach out to you with a theme.

The sharing or exchanging of playlists or mixtapes is such an amazing but lost form of romance and one of the most archaic forms of sharing music. We wanted to connect with our readers and attempt to bring back that feeling of intimacy between two or more people that has been lost within music sharing. We will release these once (maybe twice?) a week. Maybe we will put these on physical tapes? Seems like a good idea.

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We’re still looking for contributions, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

This weeks playlist theme is music for falling in and out of love and our contributors are Brian ‘Wild Cat’ McGee of Charade (+many others) and Lou Chavarria of Laughing On The Outside

We all process heartbreak differently, and we do it differently each time it happens. Whether it’s being flooded with regret, resentment, sentimentality, frustration, or even taking a deep dive within yourself, they’ll all show up eventually. I wanted to spread out and give some common & unorthodox perspectives on the subject, I think I’ve felt all the bases on this list, and maybe you have too. Some hit home so hard for me, others are just nice tongue and cheek amusements.

Oh, and I had to add the Nick Cave/PJ song because it reminded me of when I saw Nick Cave on my birthday last year. There was a Q&A and someone in the audience asked what was his most devastating breakup and without batting an eye he said “...PJ”.


Handwritten list c/o Brian

*Editor’s note: Lou didn’t provide any words but their list rocks. Please check out Laughing On The Outside and support whatever is for sale.

* * *

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