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Playlist Series Vol. 1

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Music for doing chores

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new weekly playlist newsletter. It will consist of reader-contributed playlists that follow a certain theme or mood and each week you will get 2 playlists consisting of 10 songs that have battling ideas of that central theme. For example, one theme might be ‘songs that make you feel emotion’ then one person will build a playlist of songs that make them happy and the second person will build a playlist of songs that make them sad. All contributors are also encouraged to submit handwritten lists and also include writing to accompany their lists. Understand?

The sharing or exchanging of playlists or mixtapes is such an amazing but lost form of romance and one of the most archaic forms of sharing music. We wanted to connect with our readers and attempt to bring back that feeling of intimacy between two or more people that has been lost within music sharing. We will release these once (maybe twice?) a week. Maybe we will put these on physical tapes? Seems like a good idea.

If you’d like to contribute a playlist please fill out this >> form << and we will reach out to you with a theme.

We’re still looking for contributors, send us an email, DM, smoke signal. Please just get ahold of us.


* * *

This week’s playlist theme is music for doing chores and it was submitted by Josh of Preemptive Press. Please show them some love!

Editor’s note – This week we only have one entry because I have no clue what the opposite action of doing a chore is, I even asked Twitter and no one had a response besides ‘League of Legends’ which… is true I guess.

Music is everything! Making playlists is something I love doing whether it’s for a groovin’, a bath, skating, chillin’, painting, writing, moshin’, and generally working. Chores are such a great thing to make a playlist for, it stems from me being younger and hating chores so I would make playlists on CD’s or MP3 players before I had an iPod. I can get quite anal with playlists in that I will often set myself rules like only a maximum of 3 tracks per artist or as little genre mixing as possible as I would never have like Grandmaster Flash and Beherit on the same playlist. Some are more free-flowing whereas some have specific orders because certain songs flow into each other nicely. I was and still am often drawn to “bangers” for my chores playlists, I feel like they make good “doing” songs. Stuff you can sing at the top of your lungs and bang the beats out on various things as you go about your chore. Some might be obvious picks but what you gonna’ do. As much as I love hardcore (it’s my life) I’m going to stay away from it for this one. Only 10, this could be difficult.

Editor’s note – Josh crafted an amazing playlist to kick this new project off and he even provided a small anecdote about each choice. You can find each track with a small blurb below.

KISS ‘Strutter’

Favorite band and one of the first songs I heard by them, just classic KISS with great riffs, catchy lyrics, and a shredding solo. Because I’m such a KISS fan any song could be here really.

Q Lazzarus ‘Goodbye Horses’

Greatest song of all time, nuff said.

Bruce Springsteen ‘Dancing In The Dark’

Favorite song from the boss, I love how it’s this upbeat rocking track but the concept of the song is all about the fact he wasn’t being allowed to make the music he wanted to.

The Waterboys ‘Whole of The Moon’

Absolute banger, a bit of a shame the rest of their material doesn’t come close but this has it all, keys, horns, and great lyrics to match.

Echo and The Bunnymen ‘Killing Moon’

The Donnie Darko soundtrack changed my life.

Go West ‘We Close Our Eyes’

One of the most 80’s electronic pop-rock songs, watch the video and thank me later.

Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill (Make A Deal With God)’

Kate’s voice is just dreamy and a little bit haunting in places. This song is weird, heavy in a primal way, it’s a ballad and banger all in one, harmonies with herself what more can you want!

Billy Idol ‘Eyes Without A Face’

Once you get past White Wedding this guy is actually good, slightly more of a somber tone but still rockin’

The Small Faces ‘All or Nothing’

Introduced to these at a young age from my dad, 1967 and heavier and more blues than a lot of stuff to follow in later years ahead of the time with catchy lyrics and great rhythm.

Patti Smith ‘Because The Night’

Epic build up into a song that rocks harder than a lot of male artists proving women can always do it better! Added bonus was co-written with the boss! Lots of lovely drum fills.

* * *

That’s it for this week! Please hit subscribe to receive all future newsletters. Peace and love.

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