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Ep. 4 - Everybody Hates Chris with Steph Zamora ▶

This week is a relaxed episode with the trio and they are joined by one of Shannon's best friends: Steph Zamora. They avoid talking about the inevitable hellscape that may take place after the presidential election so the conversation is kept light by catching Lucas up on celebrity Halloween gossip. Is 2020 the end of the celebrity? Or is it the end of movie theatres? OR is it the end of Chris Pratt? It's been a combination of all three.

After their first Podcast Break (tm) the quartet go into their Top 5 Chris' of Hollywood list (which is a walk down memory lane) then they wrap up this week's episode with each of them sharing a record they’ve been listening to on repeat.

Follow the gang on Twitter! Tyler - @86_mentality Shannon - @bigbrainbaddie Steph - @sixxtwelve Lucas - :( J*ff B*zos please let Lucas back on Twitter Digital Future - @dgtlfuturemag

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