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Ep. 1 - We've Gone Full Digital with Shannon Dugan and Ben Stern ▶

It's finally here, episode one. It's two hours long and it only took us three tries! In this episode, Tyler and Lucas link up with the head editor of Digital Future Magazine, Shannon Dugan. They talk shop and go through the very controversial Rolling Stone "Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list. After 90 minutes of talking about the nuances of list-making, we finally introduced our first official guest, Ben Stern. Ben is a musician from California and plays drums in the heartthrob rock band, Jinx, and hardcore outfits Wise and Apsara. Ben is a close friend of the trio so it was nothing short of a free-for-all. We also talk about the top 500 list twice, maybe 1.5 times? On accident. *Disclaimer* We apologize for the energy being low but our morale was shot from having recorded two absolute hits and losing them all. Being off the cuff with not a lot of prep leads to hot takes and rambling and we're not sorry.

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