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Vol. 30, December 8th

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Junior year of the pandemic

Hopefully, we won't be super seniors

I’m working on the first paywalled post titled 2021: A Year In Review, and I anticipate it going out sometime this weekend. I’m trying to make it a longer-form post, and you’ll have the opportunity to read my honest thoughts on the music, film, television, and anything else that may have happened this year. It won’t be me dunking on stuff I didn’t like, and if I do, it’ll at least be thoughtful. If you’d like to subscribe in advance, hit the button below. It’s $5 a month or a discounted price of $35 for 12 months.

We're still looking for contributors, so please get in touch with us if you'd like to pitch us an idea!


* * *

Culture Corner

Lemonheads - It’s A Shame About Ray (Letterman, 1992) Dave and Evan going back and forth - so good.

Hackers Are Spamming Businesses’ Receipt Printers With ‘Antiwork’ Manifestos vice Based.

In The Dust: Proposition 207 Vs. The People of Arizona tsp A good read by some of the students at ASU.

How Thom Browne Assembled The Coolest Clique in Fashion gq

The Divine Art of Uniform Dressing wmag After Karl Lagerfeld passed in early 2019, I read more on his thoughts on personal style and adopted it as my own, so I began to clear my closet and become more thoughtful in my dress. As of the end of 2019, I sport two looks. The first is my black Blundstones, vintage Jil Sander trousers, and a 2017 American Apparel crewneck with a white shirt underneath. The second is a pair of high-top suede Wallabees, vintage 505 Levi’s with the same American Apparel crewneck, and a white shirt underneath. I don’t own a watch or other accessories and will only wear clear frame seeing glasses. I’m currently working on a full-length article on my experiences and analysis of uniform dressing that should be completed soon.

Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy nyt I first saw this on TikTok and thought it was appalling and funny.

On '“Succession,” Jeremy Strong Doesn’t Get The Joke newyorker An inflammatory piece of writing, according to the internet at large. I found some of Jeremy as enduring, a true workhorse that is just a little annoying. Not a genius but not a moron.

The 101 Best New York City Movies, Ranked vulture A list that I don’t have much insight on as I’ve only seen about 10-15% of the titles, but it gives me a lot of new things to watch.

Joel Osteen’s Megachurch Confirms Stash of Money Found In The Bathroom Wall ocr The headline reads like a meme… because it was.

* * *

Review Section - 707s live at Valley Bar

A hardcore show at Valley Bar is a rare sight for some, but especially for me. Having gone to many shows in the Phoenix Metro area, I’ve only been to a handful at Valley Bar, with this being my second of the hardcore variety. As we arrived, I was surprised to see that the show was sold out, but luckily I got our tickets online a few hours beforehand. We loitered at the bar while we waited for a friend to arrive, and to our surprise, the bar served food which we were quick to order.

We were greeted by a friendly voice telling us the show had sold out, which left us all disappointed, but we wouldn’t let it ruin the night. With the addition of a third, we retreated to a corner booth to consume our food and talk about how we would get our friend into the show. Female ingenuity prevailed as Shannon crafted a master plan to split her wristband in half and fasten them to each wrist using rubber bands - it worked like a charm.

707s started their set with a furious zeal. As the first few notes rang out, I saw people unclutch their hands and release some tension in their shoulders as I assumed they were about to listen to a hardcore band. The music soothed the bitter air, and I bounced around while drumming along on my chest. It was nice to be in a room of people again.

The set moved along with only one hiccup, but it was charming nonetheless. Listening Crod talk in between songs is a marvel - I think he got his ear pierced? I’ll check in with him.

The set ended, and we once again found a booth for refuge. Still, we were quickly steamrolled by an undesirable conversation with a person I actively tried to avoid, but for the sake of having good manners, I was polite. Luckily there were more friendly faces than not, and it was fun to see friends that generally don’t show up to hardcore shows attend, so there were ten wholesome conversations to take the place of the single undesirable.

Scowl and Zulu played next and commanded space. I found myself dissociating during Scowl as most of their music sounds the same, but they did have a subtle live charm that doesn’t translate to their recorded material.

Zulu was great. Every song was less than 2 minutes, and the music was pissed off and fast, but they were cursed with a terrible sound person.

After consuming cigarettes and talking about life upstairs in the alleyway, we headed downstairs to catch No Warning. Truly a legendary band, and I was beyond grateful to have seen them another time. I rocked the entire set even though I was in the back. They sounded massive.

We shuffled out of the venue and were spit back into the heart of downtown Phoenix where we skipped over to another bar for food. We laughed the night away and returned home before 1130pm.

* * *

Tweet Time

A lot of people disagree, but this has always been my stance.

* * *

Here are some things I'm watching on eBay

(If you have any magazines you'd like to sell, I'm buyin’. I'm specifically interested in anything printed before the 90s. Send me an email or DM me on Instagram)

1976 copy of Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

Deana Lawson: An Aperture Monograph by Chloe Dewe Mathews

Vintage Cartier Tank with leather strap

* * *

That’s it for this week! Peace and love.

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