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An Interview with MD of 'yrstruly'

Photo c/o Jug


Have you ever heard the statement "some people just got it and some just don't"? When MD sent me the first yrstruly track I just knew he had it. I wasn't sure exactly what it was or what it all means but I just knew. I spun the track all weekend and really tried to ingest as much as I could and it never got old or tired. I anticipated the large reverbed electronic section every time and I'm still hearing it in my head as I write this. It transported me to a time that feels so familiar; it almost felt like what being in love feels like, happiness but abstract happiness. There is something so soothing but yet melancholic about the vocals because they drift in and out of the track. I think it's a mixing choice that normally hurts a track but I liked this choice, I might even call it bold because it did pay off. As I drift off into the void of blissful nothingness this track will be playing.

The track is titled year of blue and I really enjoyed this effort and I hope to hear more from yrstruly in the future. MD also presented a small visual to accompany the release of the single which can be found below. Please also enjoy a small conversation between the artist and me.

I was trying really hard to make a title work that also included the phrase 'yours truly' but every variation looked odd.

Your first track, congratulations! What’s the story behind the name? Any particular reason for the spelling? (Shortening yours to yrs)

Thanks! The name is from a character in one of my favorite books. How you see I have it spelled out is exactly how it is in the book.

How would you describe the general mood of the music?

The general mood of the music is most definitely melancholic. I went through a handful of years in my life suppressing sadness because of "religious joy" so now I am very unapologetic about allowing myself to feel sadness.

Was there anything directly influencing you while you were writing? Either other music, film, etc.?

The direct influence of the song is memories/experiences shared with my late sister when I was a teenager. Musically, the very first voice-note version of the song was very Daniel Johnston-esque.

What equipment are you using to record?

A Fender Mustang, a synth push & some fancy microphone that starts with an M I think. And it was all tracked using Ableton.

Are you receiving any help with instruments, mixing, etc.?

Yes, I am being helped entirely by my friend Chadwick. He's a musical genius and this song would have never come to life if it wasn't for him.

Can we expect more from yrstruly in the future?

I'd love to do more, yes. Can you expect more? I don't know.

I was watching the original High Fidelity last night and they posed an interesting question so I will ask it to you as well, what are your top 5 opening tracks? (the first song on any record, demos do count)

Options by Pedro the Lion. Behind This Wall by Turning Point. Flame Still Burns by Youth of Today. Parties in the USA by Jonathan Richman. And The Fury!

Speaking of Turning Point, any thoughts on the news of Revelation reissuing the discography?

I don't have too many thoughts on it besides that it seems pretty pointless to me. Anyone that wants to listen to any Turning Point material can already listen to it on the discography that Jade Tree released. Maybe Jay is just trying to make a quick buck? I don't know.

What has the mood been like in South Carolina the past few days? That’s if you’ve been out of the house at all (besides for work I guess). The question still stands.

For me, the mood has been very anxiety-ridden. I was the go-to at my school (job) for giving other concerned teachers my hallway election updates. Most people in my World share similar viewpoints as me so that has given me some sort of relief amongst being on the verge of an anxiety attack anytime I thought about another 4 years under the Trump administration.

What is South Carolina like during the wintertime?

South Carolina is pretty nice in the winter. It gets cold but not miserably cold and sometimes it will snow just enough to enjoy the snowfall without all the hassle of having to commute and travel in it. It's also kind of the only season we have where the humidity is nonexistent.

What are a few things you’d like to be left in 2020? Any bands/music or trends?

I feel as if bands and music essentially didn't exist in 2020. I'll just say that I hope 2021 brings back hardcore shows & more new bands and demos. I miss my bros from different area codes.

Instead of ending on shoutouts to people you like or admire, do you have any messages for your haters?

Haters of me personally, I'd be disappointed to find that out because I am pretty nice and friendly to everyone I'd say. Haters of the music I'm making, fuck it, you can hate whatever you want. It ain't for everyone. I made this song for myself and for a handful of close friends that also lost someone in their World too soon. yrstruly, md

yrstruly is currently streaming everywhere.

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